THEVOO Eng. Makes a placing drawing and provides associated total solution services(Structure Analysis Services/Loss Consulting)with Rebar


ASince 2010 when it prepared for new leap and changed its CI into THEVOO for more creative business management. THEVOO Engineering has been putting its efforts in becoming unchallenged leader in developing much differentiated technologies and fostering talents

THEVOO Engineering was established in 2006 and presently secures about 50 top-class technical professionals and experienced architectural engineers in Korea. The Company., as partner company of domestic top-10 major construction companies, also has a lot of construction achievements

THEVOO Engineering is carrying out detailed design of rebar construction for smooth reinforcement work at construction site and has key technologies for pre-construction simulation of RC construction., structural advice and reduction of loss ration of reinforcement bar

THEVOO Engineering emphasize vision to become a TOTAL Engineering consulting firm in the future. The Company will make its way to a CM firm specialized BIM providing design, structural analysis. 3D detailed drawing for construction. Cost-saving V.E and loss consulting to the site.

The biggest source for making THEVOO Engineering be active is its best efforts in becoming the best firm. All the executives and staffs of the Company promise that they will keep the Company’s position and pride as the best professional firm in Korea through promotion of ceaseless research and efforts

THEVOO Engineering CEO Yong-hee, KIM


  • ADDRESS: H-business park B 606~608, 25, Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • 연락처 : TEL : 02-3463-4125 / FAX : 02-6008-4170
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THEVOO ENG. was established in 2006 and is a partner company of 10 major construction companies in Korea.